Projects I'm currently maintaining
· Smart Archives for WordPress
A better way to present your WordPress weblog archives
· CF Setter for WordPress
Allows you to define a custom field value from within the body of a post
· Slugger+ for WordPress and MarsEdit
Allows you to specify a post slug from within MarsEdit
· Relative Dates for WordPress
Displays the date of your WordPress posts relative to the current date and time
· Amazon Associates Bookmarklet
A bookmarklet to convert any Amazon product page into a page 'tagged' with your Amazon Associates ID
· Prolific for WordPress
Calculates the weblog-wide word count and writes it to a file each time you publish a new post
· Post Count minus Category for WordPress
Displays the total number of WordPress posts not belonging to a specified category
· Slideshow
A very simple photo viewer written in PHP


Books with which I'm associated
· Google Hacks (3rd edition)
Technical Editor
· Hacking Gmail
Technical Editor; contributor
· Google Hacks (2nd edition)
Technical Editor; contributor

HOW-TOs, etc.

Explanatory articles I've published to the weblog