Read Ruler sorts your Pocket queue by article length

June 05, 2015

The inability to sort by reading time has long been a pain point for me with Pocket. I read more than nearly everyone—according to the stats Pocket puts out each year I read more than 99.9% of other users, and that doesn’t include books!—and so an easy way to auto-sort by article length (a feature Instapaper has had for a good while) would be welcomed with open arms.

Enter Read Ruler, which “lists your articles saved in Pocket by reading time and can also automatically add reading time tags to each article on Pocket”. It’s a brilliant solution and faster than I ever thought would be possible, especially given how large my queue is (it usually hovers between 550 and 600 articles). And yes, you can define your WPM and it will adjust its time-to-read tags accordingly.

One almost smart feature of Read Ruler is that it lets you specify tags you already use to signal to the service that articles so tagged should be filtered out of the article lists shown to you at I say almost smart because I think it should go one step further and exempt entirely those tagged articles from Read Ruler analysis. The Pocket share extension on iOS lets you specify tags at save time, and so, for example, I routinely use “media” as a way of specifying that the content is a video; even though an article is already tagged with “media”, Read Ruler still gives it a time-to-read tag as well, and so this video shows up in my list of 1-minute articles.

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