Getting to system-level app settings in iOS 8

November 09, 2014

One thing I don’t think I’ve seen anyone mention regarding iOS 8 is how easy it now is to get to the various system-level settings for each app. In earlier versions of iOS, when you wanted to, for example, change the notification settings for a particular app, you had to jump into Settings > Notifications and then scroll, scroll, scroll until you found the app whose settings you wanted to modify. The incredibly frustrating thing was that this list wasn’t (and still isn’t) sorted alphabetically, and so if you had a ton of apps installed it could take you forever to find the one you wanted.

With iOS 8, all of an app's system-level settings and permissions (e.g., Location, Photos, Notifications, etc.) are bundled together in an alpha-sorted list of apps that begins at the bottom of the main Settings screen. For someone like me, who changes these settings fairly often, this is a huge improvement.

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