JUMP Cable from Native Union

August 07, 2014

I’ve been meaning to write about this since the day I got it a couple of months ago. The packaging and build quality are incredible, and one could easily see this gracing the shelves of an Apple store. (To be fair, Native Union has been an operating company for a long time, and so it’s not so surprising to receive such a highly-polished product from them, despite it being Kickstarter’d.)

Because I backed the Kickstarter campaign, I had the option to get the “smoke grey” version, which of course I did, because the body is translucent, allowing you to see some of its innards. It’s a beautiful piece of kit, and light enough that if you need to dangle it while plugged into your phone, it’s really not a big deal.

My only real complaint is that it can be a little difficult to “unsnap” the USB and Lightning connectors from their closed positions. I don’t like having to put fingernail notches in the rubberized coating to release the connectors.

While on the topic of portable power, I have my eye on uNu’s Ultrapak Go, which apparently can— after just 15 minutes of charging—provide a full battery’s worth of power to an iPhone 5s. I asked the company whether additional wall chargers could be bought (because I’d like to charge the Ultrapak at work and home), and they told me that spares should be available for purchase near the end of August.

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