Ultimate Ears BOOM Bluetooth speaker

July 20, 2014

I’ve owned quite a few Bluetooth speakers and this one is by far my favorite. Apropos of nothing, a few weeks ago I decided to buy the black/red model, and have come to absolutely adore it.

The design, the packaging, the incredibly solid build quality, the battery life, the flat and flexible micro-USB power cable, the sound quality, and the rubberized body are all excellent. But, what makes it really stand apart for me, and makes it almost a non-device, is the way it connects and disconnects to my iOS devices.

It stays connected to my devices until there’s been no activity from any of them for some predetermined timeout period. At this point, it powers down and stays off until I touch the power button. Upon powering up, and assuming one of my devices has Bluetooth turned on, it reconnects within seconds…and if I’m already playing audio on that device, it immediately gets piped through the UE Boom. I realize this sounds obvious—and how it should work—but in my experience, it’s just never been this easy (or consistent).

I can’t recommend this speaker enough.

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