Nitti Light font available for use on your website

April 14, 2013

A few days ago my buddy, Ben Brooks, messaged me to let me know that Webtype–a hosted font service–now offers the Nitti typeface. What?! As some of you may recall, Nitti Light is my favorite font for writing and reading, and I’ve long wanted the ability to embed it in this site.

For the last couple of years I’ve been using TypeKit to serve up Myriad Pro (for body text), Myriad Pro Semi Condensed (for article titles), and Alternate Gothic No. 2 D (for the header menu), and have no complaints whatever with the service.

That said, I now know a competitor offers Nitti Light, and I think I likely will make the switch at some point, if I can find suitable Webtype fonts for the non-body text used on this site. One thing that’s holding me back though is that it looks like, for my needs, Webtype will be about three times as expensive as Typekit.

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