March 31, 2013

For the past few weeks I’ve been using the awesome new service/site, Forecast, brought to us by the great folks behind Dark Sky. (Yes, Forecast was released publicly just last week, though some (all?) backers of the Dark Sky Kickstarter campaign got early access a few weeks ago.)

I remember when I first went to the site on my iPhone and was immediately put off by the fact that it was a web app, and, it seemed, there probably wasn’t going to be a native app. I grudgingly “installed” the web app and jumped into it, kind of annoyed. My jaw dropped. It was so pretty, and felt so nice. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe this was a web app. Fortunately, the icon was great too, and within a minute of using the app I had moved it to my 1×24, relegating Check the Weather (which integrates Dark Sky data) to my comically large “Weather” folder.

I can’t say that this web app is the most native-feeling web app out there (because, frankly I don’t regularly use any other web apps on my phone), but man, it has impressed me beyond words.

I think it’s safe to say that us lovers of Dark Sky have been hoping for these guys to eventually offer longer-term forecasting, because it was clear they were onto something with their approach to next-hour predictions, which have proven to be, for me at least, eerily accurate. Clearly, the further out you go, the less accurate your predictions are going to be, but I just get the feeling that if anyone’s capable of succeeding here, it’s these guys, and so far, the (multi-)day projections have been no worse than those provided by the million other weather apps I’ve used.

While the web app is phenomenal, I do still hope they have plans to release a native version, and offer us the option to get rid of that little ad they show on the weekly forecast. (It sounds like an upcoming version of the Dark Sky app will incorporate these longer-range forecasts, and so maybe all of this is moot.)

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