My friends troll me: A translation of select portions of "Using Keyboard Maestro to create new Jekyll posts"

February 10, 2013

One of my best friends recently sent me the following “translation” of an earlier post I wrote, and I thought some of you might enjoy it. I love him.

As I mentioned recently in Up and running with Jekyll, I hadn’t given any thought whatever to how I was actually going to go about automating the creation of new posts.

I spent at least 50 hours thinking about this, but couldn’t admit to that until I had a solution. Also, shameless plug for my previous post. Please read it.

Tonight I decided I would tackle that and ended going with a pure Keyboard Maestro solution.

By “tonight” I mean 4AM. By “I decided” I mean I’ve been awake for 72 hours and I physically can’t sleep until this is done. Help. Me.

(I may eventually end up just copying the AppleScript solution I came up with in Blogging with TextMate and Chromium/Chrome—which would be pretty easy to modify to handle the YAML front matter stuff I now need because of Jekyll—but I’m going to stick with the KM approach for now and see how it goes.)

I have over 13,000 hours of my life tied up in all of this and you lazy-ass n00bs just have no idea what kind of gold I’m giving away here. You don’t even care. Now read that post I linked to because the least you could do is give me another damn page view. I earned it.

The image below shows the entire KM macro I built for creating new linked-list posts. (The macro for regular posts is similar, but much simpler, and easily derivable from the following discussion.) While most of this macro probably is pretty self-explanatory, certain parts of it definitely aren’t, and so beneath the image I explain my thinking around those elements.

Buckle up, idiots, because by “self-explanatory” I mean that you would never have put this together in a MILLION YEARS on your own. I did it with a wife, an insanely busy job, and two hungry-ass cats to deal with.

The first thing the macro does is invoke the If Then Else action to determine whether I modified my hot key trigger for the macro with “Q”…

I know you’re just going to skip all of this, but whatever, I’m writing it out anyway, like a boss.

This worked just fine, but it wasn’t very elegant, and required Pause actions to be inserted in a couple of places because the GUI couldn’t keep up with the macro.

I’ve spent the last 6 hours convincing myself that the GUI not being able to keep up isn’t my fault. I finally believe it and am going to sleep.

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