David Solomon's quest to find the greatest headphones ever made

November 11, 2012

Having been on this here Internet thing for two decades now, and over that time having read damn near everything of even remote interest to me, I think I can say confidently that this article—which weighs in at over 75,000 words—is the most epic and comprehensive of its kind.

Even if you aren’t into headphones, you have to respect the time and energy it took to assimilate this behemoth. Indeed, taking David at his word that he put at least “50 hours of critical listening time” into each headphone, then he spent a minimum of 2800 hours on this project…before he ever typed a single word. The mind boggles.

Relatedly, I was happy to see my current daily drivers—the JH Audio JH16 Pro custom IEMs—on the list, though he has me thinking I might want to “downgrade” to the JH13 Pro.

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