Jake Dyson's CSYS LED task light

December 19, 2011

It will surprise no one that I keep a collection of beautiful desk lamps--along with every other type of product--inside Yojimbo. This way I don't have to go scouring the web each time I decide to buy a new product; I simply scroll through the stuff I've accumulated over the years.

All of these products have two things in common: simplicity and beauty. If a product strikes me as having both of those qualities, it goes straight into Yojimbo, along with at least two tags: "Want" and a tag that describes the type of product (e.g., lamps).

Now, I don't currently have a desk lamp in my home office, and don't particularly need one. I like to tell myself that if I got one I'd write more. Really, I get these romantic thoughts of me hunched over a desk late at night, desperately trying to carve some great idea into a Moleskine. I know that that's not likely to happen and that even with a desk lamp I'd still probably write only when adding sentiments to Christmas and birthday cards, but come on, just look at this task light and tell me you don't want it!

The rub: it's $850. But, it's so pretty! And the bulbs will last for at least 37 years! And it has so much great tech! And...

OK, fine, I'm not going to buy it right now, but you can be damn sure I'm keeping it in Yojimbo.

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