MG Siegler played with Amazon's upcoming tablet

September 03, 2011

I'm not going to lie, I skimmed over this article looking for just one thing, and found it:

As far as the existing e-ink-based Kindles, all I've heard is that they'll continue to co-exist with this new tablet…

Music to my ears.

Regarding the tablet, it's exactly what anyone who follows this sort of thing would have guessed. *yawn* It likely will sell well, but I've zero interest in the device because 1) I already own an iPad 2 (and am foaming at the mouth for the retina-display iPad 3); 2) apps, apps, apps; and 3) I already own an e-ink Kindle.

The big news of course is that the tablet will be an all-Amazon joint--it will use a forked Android as its base, but going forward the OS will be developed independently (at least as far as UI/UX goes), and it will use Amazon's app store, not Android Market. I actually think this is a great move, as it will allow Amazon to control the entire experience (a la Apple) and really set themselves apart from the Android-based competition.

That said, I think those, including MG, hyping up the integrated nature of Amazon services on the device are deluded. I can't see this making a lick of difference to consumers, who already can interact easily with most (if not all) of the these services via a browser or native (iOS/Android) apps. *shrug*

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