Mac OS X Lion preview

February 24, 2011

I have to say, of all the new stuff highlighted here, the only things I'm even remotely interested in are "Auto Save" and "Resume," the latter of which is described as follows:

If you've ever restarted your Mac, you know what's involved. First you save your work, then close all your apps, then spend valuable time setting everything up again. With Resume, that time-consuming process is a thing of the past. Resume lets you restart your Mac -- after a software update, for example -- and return to what you were doing. With all your apps back in the exact places you left them. In fact, whenever you quit and relaunch an app, Resume opens it precisely the way you left it. So you never have to start from scratch again.

Even though I probably restart my machine just 4-5 times a year, I want this now now now!

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