The iPhone's missing feed reader

March 10, 2010

Nice write-up from Shawn Blanc on the state of (GReader-syncing) feed readers for the iPhone. I've written about this sort of thing extensively here (and on Twitter), and as most of you already know, Reeder is, by a mile, my app of choice. (I've used them all.) I love nearly everything about it; it's pretty, fast and fun to use.

However, I do have a few niggles:

  • Inability to save/restore state, which Shawn discusses in his overview.
  • When backing out of the last item in a particular feed, it doesn't dump you into that feed's folder (or root); it brings you back just one level (i.e., to the list of items in the particular feed) and you're required to tap either the checkmark (i.e., "mark all as read," even if all items actually have been read) or the ‘back one level' button in the top left.
  • No way to set a max number of items to process at a time — it's either all or nothing. For example, if I have a feed that has 100 unread items, I have to commit to getting through all of these items (and eventually marking all as read) before doing anything else, because it won't let me act, in bulk, on fewer than all of them. This requirement sometimes prevents me from looking at high-volume feeds, because I know I'm not going to be able to make it through the entire list before having to back out of the app. (This obviously would be a non-issue if Reeder maintained state.)

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