A history of modems

January 03, 2010

Speaking of modems, I remember in the mid-90's when, in my little town right outside of Orlando, no ISP's offered 33.6k connections (only 28.8k). At least one in Orlando did (it was called IAG — Internet Access Group — if memory serves), but Orlando was a long-distance call from my house. However, we had some sort of deal with (I think) AT&T that allowed us to make calls of infinite duration to Orlando, for a quarter; the problem though was that it made you jump through a series of verification/ forwarding hoops. Naturally then, I did a little research and whipped up some modem strings that allowed for the connection. (I needed that extra 5k!) I usually was able to stay connected for 2-3 days at a time, and so the connection fee ($.25) ended up being a non-issue.

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