Larry Magid's 1984 LA Times review of 128K Mac, titled "Macintosh Shapes up a Winner"

October 21, 2009

Like the Lisa, it uses a hand-held "mouse" -- a small pointing device which enables the user to select programs, and move data from one part of the screen to another. Also like the Lisa, Macintosh uses a black and white display screen whose resolution is so high that it can quickly draw detailed pictures while at the same time display crisp and readable text. […]

The machine's inability to run MS-DOS could be its salvation or its downfall.

This likely will be the funnest (hey, if Apple can use "funnest" in its ad copy, I can use it here!) thing you read all week. With regard to Apple innovating, pushing the envelope and demanding a consistent UI, many parallels can be drawn between 1984 and today.

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