"2001: A Space Odyssey" icon set

July 08, 2009

A fantastic set of icons from Mischa McLachlan. (I'm currently using two of them.)

Speaking of icons, anyone know how to change the main system icon in Mac OS X (i.e., the icon corresponding to the machine on which the OS is running, not the drives, etc.)? CandyBar doesn't seem to offer the option at all; LiteIcon shows the computer's icon, and let's you change it within the program, but the change never takes.

I've tried going straight to what I'm assuming is the source, namely the .icns files within the CoreTypes.bundle package (from /System / Library / CoreServices/), but none of the icons looks exactly like the one currently being used to represent my machine, and so I don't know which, if any, to overwrite.

Finally, the usual "‘Get Info,' then copy/paste the icon" trick doesn't work on this particular icon.

(Via John Gruber.)

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