I can't make this stuff up

November 17, 2007

So I'm at McDonald's late one night ordering one of their newfangled iced coffees (which are great by the way), and this is how the transaction went down:

Apathy: Hi, how may I help you?
Justin: Hello, does the regular iced coffee come with cream and sugar?1
Apathy: OK, anything else?
Justin: No, I'm sorry, I was asking if the regular iced coffee came with cream.
Apathy: Yeah, I got it, anything else?
Justin: Huh?
Apathy: $2.19 at the second window.
(at second window)
Apathy: Large hazelnut coffee, $2.19 please.
Justin: No one ever said the word hazelnut.
Apathy: You don't want hazelnut?

I swear, between this and that other McDonald's experience, I just don't get how the world turns.

  1. I'd only ordered the vanilla and hazelnut flavors before and wasn't sure if the "regular" flavor came with cream and/or sugar.   

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