Dear media application developers, are you deaf?

September 16, 2007

Can someone, anyone, please tell me why 99% of the media players out there start at maximum volume (this goes for both native1 and flash-based web players)? Surely the developers of these applications have started playing a song or video, been blasted out of their seats, and thought, "you know, maybe we should have the volume set to 50%, or less."

I can promise you that if I start a song/video and can't hear it well, I'll turn up the volume. Yeah, really, I'll just reach over and crank that bad boy up a bit. Trust me, your media won't go unheard because you don't initially blow my speakers.

Seriously, I'd love an answer from someone out there.

  1. Apple's QuickTime Player is notorious for this; there is no way (that I have found) to have it default to a volume level less than 100%. It's absurd.   

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