January 23, 2003

For those who found Syndirella helpful, be sure to check out FeedReader, a news aggregator I came across today. Though it is lacking some key features that Syndirella had, it offers the ability to open up links in browsers other than IE (as long as some other browser is set as your default browser and you only open the link from the list of entries, not from the link supplied with the summary). That feature alone is enough for me to start using it instead of Syndirella. FeedReader isn't completely problem-free though. The main thing I don't like about it is the inability to specify the number of articles it keeps current; Syndirella can be set to delete entries after it reaches a user-specified threshold for a particular channel. Another major problem is the display of dates. It seems to have trouble parsing certain RSS dates (i.e., on my computer, the dates next to all of the entries are off by a day). They are aware of this problem and are working to fix it.

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