Just blabbing

September 29, 2002

Well, you can all breathe a sigh of relief — I've sucessfully migrated my backup script (bash shell script) from Linux to Cygwin under Windows. Actually, there wasn't too much that had to be changed, mostly just path adjustments. Unfortunately, I was unable to move over a *tiny* Perl script I had written to output, in real-time, the status of my wireless card's connection to my router.

One might ask, "Justin, why in Linus's name are you in Windows?". Well, as is usually the case, school has kind of forced me into it, at least for the next two semesters. After that, I'm sure to be back in some *nix distro — Mac OS X if I win the lottery (PowerBook G4 baby!).

One might also ask, "Justin, why don't you just use some multi-OS program?" The fact is, I've used most of them (Windows on top of Linux, Linux on top of Windows), with VMWare being my personal favorite, but I just don't like running concurrent OS's, and dual-booting is out of the question (unlike this guy, who can boot any one of the 37 OS's on his machine).

In related news, I've found Vim for win32 to be quite faithful to the *nix version.

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